Tornado Mom Comes Home

What an inspiring story!!


Monday afternoon UPDATE: She’s home!

Stephanie Decker, the mom who lost her legs saving her children from a deadly tornado, is home. A 175-mph tornado ripped through Kentucky and Indiana on March 2, killing 36 people. Taking shelter in the basement of her Marysville, Ind., home, Stephanie threw a blanket over her two children and shielded them from flying debris with her body. They made it through without a scratch, but Stephanie lost both her legs — one below her knee and the other just above — and she nearly bled to death.

Alan Cohen

Home, sweet home: Stephanie Decker at her new front door, greeted by well-wishers.

She left rehab on Monday, and was greeted by a crowd of supporters, including many of the volunteers who helped completely renovate their family’s home to be wheelchair-accessible. The first thing she wants to do? “Sit down with my kids and give them a hug,” Stephanie told TODAY Moms. Then maybe they’ll play a round of driveway basketball. “Even in a wheelchair I can still get out and shoot basketball,” she said. “They are so ready for me to be home.”

Over the past weeks, Stephanie has blogged for TODAY Moms about how her children have motivated her to get better. While Stephanie was recovering from her surgeries in the hospital and powering through rehab, her friends and neighbors put together a massive effort to make her new, temporary home wheelchair-accessible.


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