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Due to the recent and oncoming storms…


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Please be careful out there everyone!

Updated 12:30 p.m. Eastern

A long line of storms have left damage across the Central U.S. overnight and this morning, reportedly spawning tornadoes and killing several people.

Harveyville, Kansas was one of the hardest-hit towns on Tuesday night. Sharon Watson with the Kansas Division of Emergency Management Service says a reported tornado damaged approximately 40 percent of the town.

Everyone in the town is accounted for, but there are at least three people who were critically injured in the storms.

More storm reports are pouring in this morning:

Elizabethtown, KY: Law enforcement is reporting significant damage in the southeastern part of the town. Shortly after 10 a.m., a tornado was reportedly on the ground, according to local spotters.

Harrisburg, IL: It is confirmed that six people have died as the search and rescue process continues in the southern Illinois town. The southeastern portion of the town reported major damage. 200-300 homes were damaged or destroyed, and 30 businesses were destroyed as well.

Newburgh, IN: According to Warrick County Sheriff Lt. Paul Weinzapfel, three or four home suffered significant damage when a possible tornado touched down at approximately 5:53 a.m. Wednesday morning. The town, Weinzapfel said, was hit by large tornadoes in 2006 that killed 30 people and damaged hundreds of homes.

Cape Girardeau, MO: Widespread damage reported; Possible tornado; One man hurt after home collapsed on him

Pacudah, KY: National Weather Service reported seeing a tornado across the river from Paducah. Power flashes were also seen

Tourist hot spot Branson, Missouri has also reported damage from the early-morning storms. There were reports of a tornado and damage in the downtown section of the storm.

“The world-famous Highway 76 strip was almost like a war zone,” reported Monte Schisler, News Director at KRZK Radio in Branson, Missouri. “It was nothing like what happened in Joplin, Missouri last year, but there was a lot of damage.”

Schisler says the famous Variety Theatre, home to many of Branson’s well-known shows, was damaged. He also reported roofs off of businesses and homes.

“I came out of my neighborhood to go to work and within minutes we could not get back into our neighborhood due to downed trees and power lines. A neighbor’s home had the roof ripped off.”

Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley said the lessons learned in nearby Joplin were probably applied by the residents of her town Wednesday morning.

“Many of our Branson residents went to help in Joplin, and I think we took that very seriously,” Presley said, referencing the EF5 tornado that devastated Joplin on May 22, 2011

One fatality occurred when a possible tornado hit a mobile home park in southwest Missouri, south of Buffalo, Lt. Dana Eagan of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office told the AP. Another 13 people at the trailer park were injured, she said. Crews would begin searching the area once the sun came up, Eagan said.

The storm also knocked out power to all of Buffalo, Eagan said.



Radar and Maps

Severe Weather Alerts!

Severe storms erupted Tuesday night in eastern Kansas and southern Missouri and spread eastward into the mid-Mississippi and Ohio Valleys by early Wednesday morning.

Tornado damage was reported in Harveyville, Kan., Branson, Mo., Harrisburg, Ill. and Newburgh, Ind. For more information on the latest damage reports, click here. Also, you can see the damage reports plotted on an interactive map at the link below.


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